The Rock Band/Guitar Hero Dilemma


Okay, I’ve had enough of this one….

This past Easter I was at a family member’s house and we all had a blast playing Rock Band. I mentioned it to a few people today, and how much fun we had, and got into another in a long list of debates with people (musicians mainly) who just don’t get it.

blog2We really like what Rock Band and Guitar Hero offer with respect to social fun. However, some people just have to make sure to suggest to me that, “Wouldn’t it just be easier/better to get a real instrument and learn to play it?”


I don’t have any delusions of someday having this experience transform me into the next Jimi Hendrix. I don’t have the time, the drive or the ability.

I have to wonder if these same people write their own software, write their own books, create and direct their own movies, etc.

These products are games. They’re meant to be entertaining and, to that end, they are extremely successful. They also are a wonderful gateway for many to real music. Can’t these people just be happy with that and move on? I like PRETENDING that I’m playing the music. It’s fun. It’s fun because anyone of any age can take part and enjoy it without all of us taking years of lessons and spending a small fortune to get there.

Someday I hope to learn to play the guitar for real and, when I do, I’ll still play these kinds of games.

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