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Next up for me was Lars and the Real Girl and it was a great surprise. It’s a dark comedy that really is more drama that it is comedy. Ryan Gosling is exceptional as its title character. Anyone who’s unsure about his acting chops needs to look no farther than his portrayal of Lars. You’ll feel every pitch-perfect nuance of the character as he struggles to cope with even the most basic of social interactions. Emily Mortimer, as Lars sister, is also noteworthy. She handles the role with ease and is the perfect choice for a sibling.

This is a movie that really makes you wish you lived in a community the likes of the one presented here. It’d be right at home in any Normal Rockwell painting.

We were even able to bring my 12 year-old along and he enjoyed it as well. What’s amazing is that there’s absolutely no adult shenanigans in a movie that co-stars a sex doll. The doll is very much a major character in the movie and what impressed me most of all was how the writers made it so believable that all of the plot points could simply unfold without distraction. That this doll could help not only Lars but also just about everyone in this tight-knit community is just precious. The scene in which everyone goes through their various parts is exceptional. No one is out-of-focus here.

I can’t wait to recommend this one to family and friends. There really isn’t much to dislike here. It might be a bit dark for some but it’s still impressive even if you’re not a big fan of dark.

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