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The other movie of the week is a bit different. It’s Slacker Uprising—the latest film from documentary luminary Michael Moore. This one is available now, for free, to watch online. Moore released this to everyone as a 20th anniversary present for his first movie, Roger and Me.

It’s probably all the same that he did it this way as I don’t believe this movie would gain an audience in mainstream release. It’s essentially a recounting of his attempt to help John Kerry win election in 2004 over George W. Bush.

The movie is fairly dull throughout which is entirely unlike Moore’s previous efforts. It’s as if he really wanted to fade into the background this cycle. The one emotion that does come to the surface is sadness. You watch this and see all the effort that went into drumming up support only to see it all come to nothing. It makes you feel like this election will be more of the same.

On the plus side I doubt there will be much press fuss over this film. Nor is it likely to energize the conservatives to rail against it. On the downside I expect a few conservative venues to ridicule the film and suggest that this is proof positive that the nation is over him or that he’s lost his edge.

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