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Later in the weekend I decided to check out the Korean vampire film that, in English, is called Thirst.

The movie is a frustrating one that grabs your attention and then bores you once it has you. It tests your willpower by giving you a stunning visual and following it with another that’s entirely inconceivable or incomprehensible.

Here too we have a lack of adequate character development to help the story along. You find yourself often confused by what the relationships between characters are. One character you believe to be the brother of one of the main characters turns out to be her husband! It could be that I missed this key piece earlier as it’s possible I might have dozed once or twice but I don’t think I missed anything.

As a vampire movie it’s pretty flat. There are some scenes that seem contrived to invoke similarities to other horror films but maybe I was just being too kind and trying to give credit where it isn’t due.

The look of the film goes from artistic to “what the hell are they trying to do?”

On the plus side the main actors do a commendable job. The secondary ones, sadly, don’t fare so well.

Overall it wasn’t a complete waste of time. It’s moderately entertaining for what it is but it’s nothing special.

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