Different Source Same Scam!


Well, Fandango got back to me about an e-mail I sent regarding the Reservation Rewards scam that I managed to fall into. Turns out that my information was sent to this group by MovieTickets.com and not Fandango. They both use this same service.

Of course the e-mail made it out like my issues were no longer valid because I’d blamed the wrong company for passing my data to this third-party but that’s not exactly a good excuse. They too admitted they’re having the same problem with the company so clearly it works the same way for them as at MovieTickets.com.

On Monday I called the number Fandango gave me and reached a nice enough rep for Reservation Rewards. He looked up my account and said, “Your account is cancelled.” I said, “I know, I cancelled it as soon as I realized there were charges involved.” He then attempted to suggest that everything was in order then and started to end the call when I interrupted and asked for a refund. Obviously they’ve been through this process before. He didn’t ask questions and immediately issued a refund for two of the three charges put on my card stating something about the initial charge being out of his control to refund. Frankly I just wanted the affair over with so I chalked up the lost $10 to a life lesson and left it at that.

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