Upping Up….


Saw Up for the second time on Sunday night. Just wanted to say briefly that it’s quite a film. It was extremely impressive in plain old 2D with many vibrant colors. I also found it even more emotional this time around. The jokes were also just as funny.

The pre-movie short was also more impressive this time and solidified my thinking that it’s clearly the very best pairing of short and movie in Pixar’s history. It sets the tone wonderfully for the film that follows.

Up‘s brilliance is in the way it presents very adult concepts and emotions and yet still keeps to its Pixar roots without seeming too adult-oriented. Who else could so effortlessly succeed in bringing us a realistic crotchety senior citizen and make it all seem believable without losing any of the lovable nature of the characters. Bravo.

This one is likely to impress for many years to come. I’ll be very curious to see how it does overseas given how Ratatouille bowled them over (and deservedly so) two years ago.

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