Open Mouth…. Insert Foot


Once again our glorious leader has managed to say something that just wasn’t the best way to present it.

In an attempt to sell Congress on various measures he knows they object to regarding oil prices he stated, “There is no excuse for delay. I know the Democratic leaders have opposed some of these polices in the past. Now that their opposition has helped drive gas prices to record levels, I ask them to reconsider their positions.”

Just how blind can this guy be? You don’t drive 200mph without a seatbelt on, at night, without the headlights on in an unknown area down a winding road and then blame the road planners for the resulting accident. They’re not very likely to take your commentary very seriously.

Nothing has impacted oil prices more than President Bush‘s policies in the Middle East. It’s that simple. This guy just has no limits to his temerity.

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