CAST: Melissa McCarthy

Movies St. Vincent Movie Shot

A surly, aging curmudgeon becomes an unexpected role model for his sympathetic young neighbor in St. Vincent. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once wrote, “Into each life some rain must fall.” Vincent McKenna (Bill Murray) would abrasively dismiss such talk as the ramblings of a sorely misguided optimist. The warming rays of sunlight that others claim to find in […]

Movies Tammy Movie Shot

A loud, crude, obnoxious woman heads on a road trip with her ballsy, whisky-loving grandmother in Tammy. Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) is a brash, overweight, overbearing, loser. Her demeanor costs her both her job and her husband in a single day. With nowhere else to turn, she heads to her mother’s house, but Mom (Allison Janney) has […]

Movies The Heat Movie Shot 2

I was a big fan of Bridesmaids, and one of the main reasons was the out-of-control, wacky performance of Melissa McCarthy. When she’s on, she’s hilarious. When she’s off, you get something like Identity Thief. It’s strange that I’ve now discovered a movie where McCarthy fires on all cylinders and the movie still comes out […]

Movies The Heat Movie Shot

Sandra Bullock as an FBI agent and Melissa McCarthy as a Boston cop begrudgingly work together on a case that pushes them to turn up The Heat. Bullock plays FBI agent Sarah Ashburn — an agent with a personality as subtle as a brick and an ego to match. When a big promotion looms, she’s told […]

Movies Identity Thief Movie Shot

I really despise movie trailers that present one type of movie when the actual movie is something completely different. Even worse, comedies tend to show you the best jokes in the trailer so that, when you see those parts in the actual movie, they’re no longer funny. This trick is typical of the spoof series like […]

Movies Identity Thief Movie Shot 2

The first comedy of the new year is Identity Thief starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. Bateman plays Sandy Bigelow Patterson, an every day kind of family guy from Denver who suddenly finds his world turned upside-down when “Diane” (McCarthy) steals his identity and starts exhausting his accounts and his sanity. It’s a recipe for a […]