Bush, Cheney and the Rest Need to Go Too.


I have had enough of these buffoons and most people I converse with feel the same way. It’s time we run these people out of office any way possible. They are seriously out-of-touch with reality, are guilty of no less than treason and should be brought up on charges equal to that order.

These people seriously act as if they are running a sovereign nation. They act as if anything desire is what we should all just shut up and accept. ENOUGH.

Dick Cheney and George W. Bush have been wrong on just about every single thing they’ve said regarding the war (and many other things. They have, in my mind, lost their right to lead us any longer based on their record of continually stating things that just are not in any way, shape or form, accurate. Their ability to predict the outcomes of their actions have been close to zero (and that’s being nice).

This administration wants us to listen to their council and accept their course of action without question. That is a right that is EARNED and this administration has not earned that privilege at any point.

In 1999 while running for office George W. Bush attacked the Clinton administration (aimed at Al Gore) for getting us involved in a conflict in Kosovo without an exit strategy and made a big deal about there not being a timeline for troop withdrawal. Here we are in his administration and suddenly those things are out of the question.

Cheney has said so many things that have been just ridiculously wrong that I cannot believe he has the balls to show his face in public, let alone open his mouth to utter more garbage.

Most of what comes out of the mouths of this administration is pure, unadulterated bullshit. “We’ll be greeted as liberators,” said Cheney. Yeah, that didn’t happen. “The insurgency is in its final throes,” he said a short time later. Uh-huh.

I don’t even want to get started on all the garbage the President has thrown our way under the title of “truth”.

Again, you need to earn respect from the electorate if you expect us to follow you down the types of paths you want us to follow and you just haven’t done that in any way.

The only positive thing I can point to that this President has done was to amend the daylight savings calendar. That’s it. That doesn’t get you the political capital to keep us in a war few of us want any part of any longer and some of us never wanted in the first place.

I am sick and tired of these charlatans questioning the patriotism and loyalty of anyone who does not immediately bend to their will. I don’t give a damn what Dick Cheney thinks the world view or terrorist view of our actions will be if we leave Iraq. The only thing I’ve seen from this administration is that they do most everything for personal benefit or the benefit of their peers. I have no reason to believe that the ethereal plan of staying in Iraq until they say so is any different in that regard. I firmly believe that either they want us to stay because their friends haven’t yet made enough money there to be happy or because they’re lunatics. Take your pick.

The only thing this administration will accept from the Congress is complete unquestioned obedience and it’s time this Congress realized that and put a stop to it. We did not elect a monarchy or a dictatorship and it’s time we show this group the door because they’ve clearly forgotten that. In fact, I think showing them the door at this point would be far too good for this group.

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