Can Obama Win Without Hillary?


I am left to wonder, now that the Democratic side of things is finally winding down, if Barack Obama can choose another running mate other than Hillary Clinton and still manage to win the race in November. Note that as of right now I’m undecided between Obama and John McCain with a lean towards McCain.

It seems to me at this point that if Obama doesn’t pick Clinton as his running mate there’s no way he’ll garner enough support to make this a real race. Clinton won most of the key Democratic states—some in landslide fashion. Hillary as the VP candidate won’t energize the right the same way it would have if she were at the top of the ticket. Meanwhile her supporters will be most likely happier to have her on the ticket at all than completely gone from it. They can dream of 2016 (though she’d be pushing McCain age issues by then as she’d be nearly 70).

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