Historical Dow Jones Redux


In the past I presented the opening and closing numbers of the Dow Jones Industrial Average for each President back to 1960. Now that we’re at another milestone I can finally put a finishing number on the past eight years (I also caught a couple math errors and corrected them). While I was at it I added a few more entries for completeness (taking the data back the the Great Depression):

I cannot imagine being a Republican and having to admit that you sold your soul to support Bush. The economy is at the heart of all things Republican is it not? George W. Bush presided, with your full support, over an administration that saw the Dow go down 22%. That’s more than the despised (by the Right) Jimmy Carter. That’s more than the disgraced Richard Nixon. To find one worse you have to go all the way back to the Great Depression and the administration of Herbert Hoover.

How many more excuses are you going to come up with for this failed administration? The numbers don’t lie. The argument that the other candidates up against him would have been worse doesn’t hold any water. When you’re the worst economic President since Herbert Hoover it’s pretty hard to argue the hypothetical that someone else couldn’t have done as well. But hey, at least we haven’t been attacked right? Well, I believe we have been. It just wasn’t by an outside terrorist group. Instead it was by our own President against our own future. Thanks for that. Next time you want to speak up at the family barbecue about politics think about this and do us all a favor and shut up.

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