How Many More Before It Sinks In?


We are not wanted in Iraq. At least half of us (and I think it’s more than that) don’t want our own troops in Iraq.

Two new polls clearly point out, again, that the Iraqis don’t want us there any longer (not that they really ever wanted us there in the first place but that’s another topic).

The State Department asked the Washington Post to conduct a poll of Iraqis and that poll found that “a strong majority” want us to withdrawal immediately. Yes, the words “Washington Post” were in there which seems to be interpreted by die-hard righties as “comments from Satan” but if that’s the case why would the State Department go to them?

The Associated Press then announced the results of a Maryland University poll that found 6 out of 10 Iraqis approve of violence against U.S. forces and more than that want the troops out of there now.

So my question is, just how bad does it have to get over there before we all get the point and leave? A majority of Americans now want our troops out of there within a year and that was as of a couple of months ago.

Again, we’re not wanted there. We don’t want to be there. We should not be there.

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