A Moment Of Reality At Fox!


Last night on the Bill O’Reilly show noted right-wing commentator and author Bernie Goldberg, with whom I have virtually no views in common, took Bill to task over the so-called fair and balanced claims made by various personalities on the network. They were discussing why Fox News is often the target of other media personalities.

When one of the most out-spoken of the party starts questioning the ethics and honesty of Fox News it’s worth mentioning. O’Reilly, for his part, had his blinders on as usual. He tried to let Sean Hannity off the hook simply by saying he makes it clear he’s a Reagan conservative. That doesn’t excuse the blatant lies Hannity tells his viewers regarding the Reagan legacy as I’ve mentioned here many times. Just yesterday on his radio show he was again going on about Reagan’s strength against the Soviet Union and how Reagan fought the Soviets with nothing but strength. Again, that’s a flat-out lie and it’s nice to see someone—anyone—on the right start to call out Fox for their continued misrepresentations.

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