White House Continues to Support Gonzales


Wow, what a big surprise. The big baby in the White House continues to support his buddy, Alberto Gonzales. Who is shocked at this “news”?

We have the makings of a tiny dictator in the White House. The Congress needs to stop playing around and put this man in his place sooner rather than later. This administration continues to openly ignore and ridicule the will of everyone else and to treat the country like their own personal play thing. It has got to stop.

I’m starting to grow concerned that George W. Bush will just up and decide, as The Decider, that God doesn’t want him to leave office until “the job is done”. I wouldn’t put it past the guy to try to actually find a loophole to keep him in power. As no other section of the Constitution means anything to him, why should something as simple as term limits get in his way?

What has to happen to people in this administration before we toss them out of their jobs?

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