CAST: Mark Margolis

Movies Stand Up Guys Movie Shot

Christopher Walken, Al Pacino and Alan Arkin come together to star in Stand Up Guys. The story about a trio of old-time hoods revolves mainly around Doc (Walken) and Val (Pacino). Val’s been doing time for an accidental killing for the last 28 years and it’s his old friend and literal partner-in-crime Doc who greets […]

Movies Stand Up Guys Movie Shot

Stand Up Guys has a lot going for it with its cast and premise, but in the end, it certainly doesn’t elicit a standing ovation. In fact, the only thing standing up in this film is Al Pacino’s pecker after a few too many male assistance pills. That tired sequence has been done to death […]

Movies Gone Baby Gone Movie Shot

In a word—Wonderful. For a bit more than one word, Ben Affleck‘s first directorial experience, Gone Baby Gone, is a beautiful film that should impress most everyone that sees it. The movie impressed at nearly every turn and from every angle. The most notable thing about it was how dead-on realistic it all seemed. Characters […]