CAST: Sebastian Stan

Movies The Martian Movie Shot

An astronaut stranded on Mars tries to survive its hostile environment in the spellbinding sci-fi thriller The Martian. Botanist/scientist Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is living out an incredible dream. He and his fellow shipmates are astronauts conducting a mission on the surface of Mars. An unexpected calamity forces the entire crew to rush back to […]

Movies Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Shot

It’s no secret that I’m underwhelmed by origin stories when it comes to superhero movies. I understand why they exist, and I tolerate them with every reboot of the Spider-Man and Batman franchises. I prefer the films where they assume that you already know something about the characters and just plop them in the middle […]

Movies Hot Tub Time Machine Movie Shot

I had another venture out to Las Vegas this week for an industry convention and I’ve been there so many times that most of its defacto charms no longer have any impact on me. One thing that has changed over the years is that now there are many major movie theaters. Back when I first […]

Movies Rachel Getting Married Movie Shot

The first movie of the week is Rachel Getting Married. The film stars Anne Hathaway as Kim, a troubled young woman returning home from some sort of incarceration just in time to experience the chaos of planning and preparation going on there for her sister Rachel’s wedding the following day. Rachel is played wonderfully by Rosemarie […]