Clinton/Clark Ticket?


Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton got the endorsement of former General and presidential hopeful Wesley Clark today. That got me thinking about the endorsement a bit and then a thought struck me that a Clinton-Clark ticket would be pretty interesting. Talk about being able to make a strong case for having the right solution to the Iraq problem. A top General as the Vice President? This also adds a lot of credibility and strength to anything to be done on the ongoing war on terror.

I keep wondering if Clinton would reach out to John Edwards as a running mate but to what end? Edwards just reminds people of the failed 2004 run and while he has a southern heritage, so does Hillary.

Wesley Clark brings a lot of positives with him along with not having a lot of political baggage for the opposition to use against him. He’s a rather compelling running mate if for nothing else but that. Remember how Karl Rove took Edwards apart in 2004 by twisting his various votes to use against him and then the big Dick Cheney lie about having never even run into him before as head of the Senate.

It also comes across and unpatriotic to attack Clark on some fronts. Not too shabby a choice if you ask me.

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