Democracy Working The Capitalistic Way


In case you haven’t heard the really questionable rhetoric being put forth by Glenn Beck on Fox News is finally being addressed in a way that hits this sort of show where it hurts most—in it’s wallet.

News came on Tuesday that insurance giant GEICO has pulled its advertising from the program. Last week Beck lost support from four other advertisers—Proctor & Gamble, SC Johnson, Progressive Insurance and I’m not sure about the last one but the first three of those are huge and would have to amount to some pretty significant losses.

I used to like Glenn Beck. He seemed like a genuine person with some smarts but then every so often the guy would say something so off-the-wall that I started wondering about this guy’s sanity. I’m totally serious. I’m not saying that just in passing. I seriously think this guy has a screw loose.

Just recently he started telling viewers (and listeners to his radio show) that Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people” and has called him a racist. More recently he told the same people that his agenda is driven by reparations for slavery.

I’m waiting for him next to tell us all that Obama is actually the anti-Christ.

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