Dow Jones Historical Data


So, here are some Dow Jones numbers at the start and end of some past President’s terms for the sake of future ridicule of the current squatter now in the White House:

John F. Kennedy (+12%)
Start: 634.37
End: 711.49

Lyndon Johnson (+31)
Start: 711.49
End: 931.25

Richard Nixon (-17%)
Start: 931.25
End: 777.30

Gerald Ford (+13%)
Start: 777.30
End: 959.03

Jimmy Carter (-1%)
Start: 959.03
End: 950.68

This is the man the Right loves to knock at every turn for having failed so miserably, but most notably, with the economy. If the current situation holds I don’t want to either hear crap about Carter any longer or I want to see them lampoon George W. Bush equally.

Ronald Reagan (+135%)
Start: 950.68
End: 2,235.36

George H. W. Bush (+45%)
Start: 2,235.36
End: 3,241.95

Bill Clinton (+327%)
Start: 3,241.95
End: 10,587.59

George W. Bush
Start: 10,587.59
End : ????

I should also point out for the younger people out there that today’s stock market hits are nothing when viewed against historical drops. Several times in its history the market has had much worse days and periods. In 1975 it dropped by half in one short period, for example.

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  1. I was doing the same research, and noted the following items. Feel free to post at your discretion.

    Dow Level 1st time – last time
    50 1897 1933
    100 1906 1942
    200 1927 1950
    300 1928 1954
    600 1959 1974
    1000 1972 1982
    2000 1987 1988
    10000 1999 2005 ?
    11000 1999 2008 ?

  2. Yet another reason why I’m a bit miffed at the press for making such a huge deal over the 777 point drop the other day. The market didn’t even see 700 points until somewhere around 1970.

    I don’t know how investors do it. I’d have had a heart attack several times over already if I really lived that life. On a hypothetical Monday the market is up 300 and everyone is happy but gas is projected to be $150 a barrel. Then on Tuesday the market loses 300 points and everyone is talking depression and it’s so bad that oil is projected to be $70 a barrel. Then comes Wednesday and it’s back the other way entirely.

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