Gardening Dress Code


I’ve been living in my current home for about eight years now. During this time I’ve had mostly the same neighbors for the duration. Two original owners that were here moved out and younger families moved in. Such is the cycle of neighborhood life.

One neighbor that’s been here the whole time, has been doing something for all eight years that strikes me as odd enough to comment on. The couple that live in the house are very good neighbors. They’re always ready with a friendly greeting and never give you cause to complain about anything. Frankly I’m concerned that perhaps they’re the ones that have reason to complain, but of course they never do.

It’s now Saturday on a nicely bright, if a bit chilly, day. The neighbors are out there working on their property cleaning up the yard. As is his habit, the husband is in his usual gardening attire. Now understand that when I work on the lawn you may not want to actually come up and engage me. I most likely didn’t get a shower that morning, likely am wearing something I know I won’t mind getting torn or impossibly dirty, and potentially just look tattered in general.

This is anything but the case with this neighbor. There he is, out there in the yard in his sky blue buttoned-down dress shirt, tan khaki pants with a nice brown belt, a pair of incredibly white sneakers (though I suspect he’d call them athletic wear) and perfectly clean work gloves. How the work gloves remain clean I can’t say, but they just do. He’s also clearly freshly shaven and clean. I have no doubt that he’ll be taking a second shower (of possibly three?) once the job for the day is done.

I guess it’s just me. I don’t get it. Why would anyone get dressed up to work on the lawn? It makes me wonder what he does if he has to work on the plumbing.

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