Hate At All Costs Continues At Fox


The Fox News organization needs to be flushed down the toilet as it’s clear from countless examples that what they have produced there is a large bowl of turds. Be sure to hold the handle down on this group.

The latest incident comes from Fox commentator John Gibson. John is a noted gay-basher who, upon hearing of the death of Heath Ledger, thought it was in good taste to, not once, but twice tell a totally inappropriate joke to his audience. The first time he he played a clip of “Brokeback Mountain” where the character played by Jake Gyllenhall says, “I wish I knew how to quit you.” To this Gibson replied, “Well, it looks like he found out how to quit you.”

Apparently not realizing how absolutely unacceptable this so-called joke was, he decided to revisit it later by playing another clip from the movie of Ledger’s character saying, “We’re dead.” He then changed his voice to imitate it and then played it again.

When confronted by this his response was to refuse to apologize and stated instead, “They were just a little Brokeback Mountain joke” and that there’s, “no point in passing up a good joke.

Well John, the joke should be on you. You don’t know anything at this point about why Ledger died and instead choose to completely mock the guy at the worst possible time. I’m in no way surprised by this because anyone who listens to this idiot for more than five minutes understands immediately the message of hate that surrounds him.

I’m sorry but anyone who watches or listens to Fox News and hears this sort of commentary without finding it objectionable is not anyone I want anything to do with. Such people are the reason I cannot bring myself to even consider adopting their overall platform. How such people can go through life like this is a mystery.

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