Lack of Morality No Problem for Bush


The President today came out, as we all knew he would, and firmly supported his buddy, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. He said, “As the hearings went forward, it was clear the attorney general broke no law, there’s no wrongdoing.” First, those two comments are not synonymous. While I have my doubts that any law was broken, this speaks to the core of the problem with the Bush administration. They simply are incapable of telling the truth even when the stakes aren’t that high.

It’s absolutely clear to anyone who watched the proceedings that the Attorney General was either a blithering idiot or simply lying when it came to this issue. Lying to Congress is a crime. No one could forget as much as Gonzales claims to have forgotten without suffering from some major affliction. I don’t believe Gonzales is ill.

This administration continues to treat us all like idiots. We don’t deserve the truth. They’ve made that clear. This is their sandbox and they’ll play with it any way they see fit. What amazes me is that they cannot figure out, or simply do not care, that if they lie about the inconsequential issues how do they expect us to believe them on the bigger issues, like Iraq?

I am sick of President Bush. He’s running the country like a dictator and it’s time for Congress to put this man in his place. I don’t care at this point what it does to the country. This man needs to be drug before Congress and embarrassed into speaking without his staff behind him. He needs to answer for his choices and the lies that were told, at every turn, to the American people. I don’t believe he deserves to leave the office with any shred of respect afforded him. If morality doesn’t matter to him, it shouldn’t matter to the rest of us at this point.

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