Only This Administration Could Be This Dumb


To invoke Vietnam…. Is this President joking? From the moment I heard about the speech my first thought was, “This guy would have us still there, with our kids dying all in the hopes that it might turn around at some point.”

The lesson we learned from the experience in Vietnam was not that we didn’t stay long enough it was that we got involved in that fiasco in the first place. Vietnam is now up in arms over this speech and they should be. It shows that our leader learned nothing useful from the entire affair.

President Bush is absolutely among the worst Presidents this country has ever had to endure. He doesn’t understand the domestic issues, he doesn’t understand geopolitical issues, he doesn’t understand global issues. The only thing this guy knows is how to read a prepared speech and he doesn’t do that very well.

He met with a head of state a week ago and talked about making him a burger or hot dog at his ranch. This guy needs to be given the keg and sent on his way. He clearly has his eye on some other task that doesn’t include competently running our government.

When a burger and hot dog guy starts telling you we shouldn’t have left Vietnam, you know you’ve pretty much reached the bottom of the well. Think about it. If the guy next to you at your neighbor’s barbecue started to rattle that one off, he’d be laughed out of the event or sent home in a cab.

I must say one thing—we’re managing to not totally collapse under the guy and this has been the most amusing and perplexing President and administration in history. Never have so many people been assigned to so many posts that don’t have any interest in upholding the post for which they were appointed. We get our leading attorney who doesn’t believe in the rule of law. We get a Secretary of Defense who doesn’t realize that defense is about protecting the country and not sending all our troops into a quagmire and speaking of quagmire’s, we get a Vice President who speaks out of one orifice 10 years ago only to speak out of the other one a decade later. Who would have guessed we’d have a Vice President who manages to shoot his friend while hunting flightless birds from a car? You couldn’t make that movie. No one would believe it.

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