What the Hell is Wrong with Sean Hannity?


How does this guy get any respect from people what-so-ever? I firmly believe 75% of the support he gets come from intellectually-challenged people. He continually says things that are just entirely ridiculous and often hypocritical.

He’s now trying to suggest that former Senator John Edwards doesn’t understand the nature of the battle in the war being waged against us. Okay, nothing wrong with that. But what is it that he points to as the reason for this? He points to the video of Edwards fixing his hair before a TV interview.

In his view no one that does that can possibly understand what we’re up against.

Are you kidding me? Has this moron looked in a mirror lately? The guy clearly has his own primping issues. His own co-host, Alan Colmes, pointed out that he’s seen Sean Hannity doing the same thing. Hannity’s response is that he only take three to three and a half minutes to do his hair.

I can’t recall the last time I took more than 30-45 seconds on mine so I guess in Hannity terms I must be a military savant.

Sean Hannity continues to just spew out hatred and bias at every turn. He only gets away with it because so many of his viewers can’t or won’t put his own comments and actions together. Like I said a bit ago, he ripped Senator John Kerry for voting against funding the troops but then had nothing negative to say when the President vetoed a similar funding bill two weeks ago.

If this guy is your idea of a “Great American” please, go back to watching Jerry Springer and Cops and stay out of the political arena.

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