When Do I Get My Up or Down Vote?


1-9-2006 @ 7:59pm. That’s when I officially had passed my breaking point for hearing politicians use the phrase, “up-or-down vote”.

Of course this phrase is now being used by the Right to describe their so-called “belief” in what Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito deserves. It wasn’t that long ago that they said the same thing about complete disaster of a nominee—Harriet Miers (actually I’d have liked to have seen all those down votes). Then, just weeks before that we had to endure the Genesis of this statement about then-nominee and soon-to-be-confirmed Chief Justice John Roberts.

What’s really annoying me about all of this is that apparently this up or down vote is, in their view, the best way to pass judgement on issues. Nothing else should be considered.

My question is, when do I get to apply an up or down vote to the candidates of my choice? We don’t get that. These are the same people who, in 2000, discounted the up or down vote of the people. George W. Bush wouldn’t be President if that’s how our system worked. Why should it be any less confused for Supreme Court Nominees?

I say the Left should just get it over with and start the filibustering right away. It’ll give us more to talk about and make for some great sound bites. The only problem is that it’ll come at a harsh cost—more quotes of disingenous Righties suggesting that they believe the only way this should proceed is with an up or down vote in the Senate.

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