Yet another Conservative to be Villified


Today we have news of a new book from one, David Kuo. David was Special Assistant to the President from 2001-2003 in the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives and is a noted conservative Christian who previously worked for other stalwart conservatives including Bill Bennett and John Ashcroft. None of that will matter now that he’s decided to pull back the curtain to expose the “wizard” once again.

David’s book, “Tempting Faith” outlines the hypocrisy of the current administration with respect to organized religion and the ways in which they used such organizations and the people in them solely for political gain.

In the book Kuo points out that Karl Rove referred to several of the top evangelical leaders as “the nuts”. Dealing with them clearly was viewed as a necessary evil so it was all false pretenses in person and then complete dismissal once the meetings ended.

Kuo points out that RNC head Ken Melman loved to stage events that were packaged as non-partisan events but were really designed to for political purposes to such a degree that Melman had to work overtime to keep their true nature concealed.

I suspect this won’t be the last we’ll hear of this book or David Kuo. He’s sure to be “exposed” as a secret Democratic shill in short order.

Of course none of this is a surprise to me. I never believed for a moment that President Bush‘s faith was genuine (nor am I of the thinking that former President Clinton‘s is either). In thinking about this it started to dawn on me that the few remaining supporters of this administration are dominated by people who simply cannot bring themselves to accept that they’d been duped.

The Sean Hannity‘s of the world have an agenda. They were never duped. They knew all along that this was a dog and pony show. It’s the populace that was duped. I cannot begin to convey how glad I am that I was able to see through this guy from day one. I’m never going to have to wonder why it was so easy for this age’s P.T. Barnum to fool me for so long. For those that have admitted it, you have my respect and my sympathy. I can only hope you learn from the experience and try not to let it happen again. To many of the rest of the shrinking group that stands firm, I absolutely think you’re holding on simply to avoid having to come to terms with this admission. It’s easier to be stubborn and insist we all don’t get it instead of admitting that it’s you that doesn’t get it.

It’s time to admit that for the last 6 years you’ve been supporting Bozo the Clown as President. There’s virtually nothing about this administration that you can point to with complete honesty to put up as a pillar of success. How many more bungled efforts is it going to take? The months after the election are going to be filled with Republican’s from every corner breaking with this guy. It’s going to become very lonely on the support side of the scale.

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  1. “It’s easier to be stubborn and insist we all don’t get it instead of admitting that it’s you that doesn’t get it.”

    This is you through and through…but I know it makes you feel better to rant and rave and quote others who agree with you…but it doesn’t make you right, just dumber than Bozo.

  2. The point is that with each passing day I seem to be able to quote more people than the day before. I fully expect this trend to continue, possible for decades to come.

    I would have much preferred to not have to quote anyone and to have just avoided this entire experience.

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