More Comcast Troubles


Two weeks ago I noticed that the graphic I have on this blog wasn’t loading. It’s stored on my personal web space with Comcast while the blog is hosted fully on I had just gotten a note that Comcast had upgraded their personal web service from 25 MB to something like 2 GB so I assumed this was a temporary problem and that they’d fix it soon enough. Everything else worked just fine.

Over the next two weeks I noticed it still wasn’t fixed. Last Wednesday I finally decided to start digging. I launched FlashFXP to FTP into my web space account. It wouldn’t let me connect. Bad password. The problem is that it’s the same password that you use for e-mail and that was working.

I called Comcast to let them know what was up. That was apparently my first mistake. Five minutes after I hung up all Internet service went down for 30 minutes and when it came back up the only thing working was browsing. I couldn’t load my website. I couldn’t log into my website. I couldn’t get e-mail. I later found out that all mail to that account was being bounced. Friends and family started calling asking if everything was okay and a couple asked if I needed money assuming I didn’t pay the bill for some reason. Very embarrassing.

I called again on Thursday to be told it takes 24-48 hours to resolve these problems. I called back in on Friday and was told they only officially opened a ticket on Thursday so I still had to wait until Saturday but that there’s no way this would still be a problem over the weekend.

On Saturday I called to be told that it still wasn’t fixed but that support had no access to “Tier 2” and could only e-mail them to convey my concerns. On Sunday I got the same story. I called Sunday night and reached a helpful fellow who said that he pushed my help ticket into a new “Callback” category.

Come Monday when I called I was told that the nice guy from support made a mistake and created a new ticket that requested a call back but that now my 24-48 hour window had been restarted.

Just a few minutes ago someone from Comcast called to tell me they’d fixed everything. Before he hung up I asked him to hold on and tried my website. It didn’t load. I tried my FTP. No access. I loaded e-mail. No go. In other words, here someone is calling me and none of my issues are resolved.

He then put me on hold while he worked on it but then the call dropped.

Verizon FiOS is looking better every day and the contractors for Verizon are digging up our neighborhood as I type this laying fiber for their service.

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