Call of Duty 4 Arcade Game


The new PC version of Call of Duty 4 arrived today. The single player version of these games has always been exceptional while I have never liked the multiplayer version.

The current game is no exception. It’s complete chaos. From the moment you land in a server it’s a mess. You take 5 steps and teams of people are firing at you from all angles. There’s no chance to really work a sector. The sound is way overdone and so chaotic that you can’t focus on anything and have a really hard time hearing your own squad mates. Worse, you can’t turn off the annoying music and it comes up all the time.

Then there’s the whole console-like achievements pieces. You can’t just be a sniper. You have to earn it. You can’t have a scope. You have to earn it. You can’t have camouflage. You have to earn it. In other words, new players are at a major disadvantage. So many things are turned off that have to be found and I just don’t care.

The graphics are exceptional but ultimately not very beneficial as you really don’t get a chance to utilize any part of them for more than a few seconds.

In most play modes your enemies are pointed out to you. Maps are so small that you can’t help but to run into 3, 4 and 5 or more other players time and again.

If someone is lucky to trigger the ability to call in an air strike then you’re going to be taken out from above.

I’m going to give this some more time to change my mind but so far the game is everything I expected and none of it was good.

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