Good Thing They’re In the Last Throes


All I can say is that with all the bad news coming out of Iraq, isn’t it reassuring to know that the insurgency is in its last throes?

Forget that attacks rose 22% over three weeks compared to the previous three week period. Forget also that this happened during a concerted effort by our talented leaders to put extra pressure on the enemy to crush it. Forget that, so far, October is on track to be the deadliest month in Iraq in two years with 73 dead U.S. soldiers, and counting, as I write this (and who knows how many Iraqis).

Forget that General’s are coming out of the woodwork saying our efforts there are failing. Let’s also forget that the President of Iraq is no longer paying any attention to us. We must also forget the Defense Department report denoting that our actions in Iraq are fueling unrest there and adding to terrorism.

No, instead we should remember that the best place for our gaze is straight downward into the deepening sand because just the other day, Tuesday…. the 31st…. of May…. 2005, Vice President Dick Cheney made it crystal clear that the insurgency is in its last throes.

One can only wonder what things would be like if they weren’t about to collapse. At least we can all sleep soundly knowing we have such insightful, intelligent, accurate and honest leaders at the helm.

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