Much Ado About Nothing


Fox News is in a lather about the David Letterman joke regarding Sarah Palin and her daughter. As usual the hypocrisy of the network is completely lost on them.

I find it quite typical for this crowd that they can, on one hand, try to hold a comedian to the fire over a joke, while on the other hand dismissing incendiary hate-filled messages that drive nutcases to think it’s alright to kill people as a simple matter of free speech.

I wouldn’t expect Sarah Palin to get it. I’ve never liked this paper-thin (I’m talking about her personality, not her figure) politician. Her ego-driven motivations were clear from the first moments she stepped onto center stage and nothing she’s done since has positively offset that viewpoint.

Yes, I would, if given the opportunity (which, of course, won’t ever happen) jump at the chance to sleep with her. She’s clearly quite attractive. However, it seems that unlike most conservatives, I don’t think with my dick. I’d sleep with her, tell her she was great, and then go vote for whoever is running against her.

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