So Much For Rush On Polling


For some time now Rush Limbaugh has been telling his listeners that polling is a bunch of garbage because it’s all a tool of the liberal media to dissuade conservatives by giving them the impression that they might as well stay home on election day as the race is already over.

He then suggested that the polls tighten (as they do in many races just before the election) because the pollsters ultimately want to get it right. They don’t want to have egg on their face when it’s all over as they’d lose credibility.

What a bunch of ridiculous nonsense.

This suggests that independent organizations are willing to have egg on their faces for months by taking in all the data they get and simply lying about it. Don’t you think that someone at these polling companies would have exposed this as a scam long ago if it were actually the case?

It also doesn’t fit with the current situation. Limbaugh gets a pass for a period as pretty much all polls fluctuate up and down. However, all the final polling that’s been done is showing Barack Obama opening up a bigger lead than a week ago putting all the polling entities right back in the same situation Limbaugh says they move to avoid.

How do people listen to this discredited windbag in such numbers? I can listen to anything the guy says for 10 minutes and find something blatantly fictional every time. Rush rarely goes “off-message” in my book.

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