Why Are Numbskulls Invited Back On TV?


A couple weeks ago I was watching a segment on Hardball (with Chris Matthews) about the bizarre birther “controversy” and it included a woman by the name of Orly Taitz who listed her background as being a lawyer, a dentist and a real estate broker. Jon Stewart had a blast with the segment.

The woman struck me, almost immediately, as nuts. Her comments were just all over the place and seemed culled from pure imagination. Then I noticed her making the rounds on every other network and being quoted time and again in various media coverage of the whole birther story.

Why is this woman on TV? She belongs in a mental institution. 85% of all Americans think President Obama wasn’t properly vetted? He has multiple Social Security numbers? To be President not only do you need to be a citizen but both of your parents need to be too? Obama’s “brownshirts” in the media?

The Social Security one is a real hoot. People did a search on the name Barack Obama and came up with 39 different numbers across the US which just goes to show how ignorant some people are to believe that only one person in the last 100 years could be named “Barack Obama”. While the name isn’t as popular here as John Smith, that there are 39 out of hundreds of millions of people doesn’t seem like a stretch to me.

The brownshirts reference is also telling. It exposes this woman as, in addition to her other problems, a racist. Browshirts, or Sturmabteilung in German, is the name given to Adolf Hitler‘s SA troops. They were heavily responsible for his rise to power and were replaced by the SS after he gained power. To use this reference in relation to the media pretty much spells our her motivations here.

I blame the media for this one. This woman has no right being the voice of anything except for making the case for involuntary commitment.

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