CAST: Ryan Reynolds

Movies Free Guy Movie Shot

Free Guy appeals to both hard-core enthusiasts and casual gamers alike with an inviting setting where you’ll want to plop your avatar, uh, yourself for a couple of hours.

Movies Woman in Gold Movie Shot

A riveting true story about a Jewish refugee’s fight to recover stolen works of art plays out in Woman in Gold. Helen Mirren, sporting a pair of colored contact lenses that entirely transform her look, stars as Maria Altmann, whose well-to-do family was decimated by the Nazis during their occupation of Austria during World War […]

Movies R.I.P.D. Movie Shot

Adaptations from comic books don’t always lead to superhero movies. The comic book industry has enough variety, especially with the independent publishers, to generate gems like The Walking Dead in addition to the latest Spider-Man and Batman titles. The filmmakers behind R.I.P.D. dug deep to unearth this unusual story. Dark Horse Comics released the series […]

Movies The Croods Movie Shot

Dramatic climate change suddenly threatens the existence of a solitary caveman family in the new animated film from Dreamworks—The Croods. The main plot of The Croods is pretty typical in that it takes current day aspects of everyday life and pastes them onto a Paleolithic family. The father, Grug (voiced by Nicolas Cage), is obsessed […]

Movies The Whale Movie Shot

A lost killer whale adopts a local Vancouver community as its home challenging everything we’ve ever thought about both them and us in The Whale. A two-year-old killer whale swam into Nootka Sound on the western coast of Vancouver Island and emerged alone, far from any other killer whale. This was no typical animal. Luna, as the […]