CAST: Rosemarie DeWitt

Movies Poltergeist Movie Shot

Certain movies and scenes stay with you forever. That’s the power of the moving image on our impressionable minds. I feel conflicted when someone remakes an iconic movie because I don’t want to taint my memories of the original with variations of scenes or new people in the same situations. The 2015 Poltergeist brings up […]

Movies Kill the Messenger Movie Shot

A determined reporter for a small-time paper uncovers a shocking government conspiracy that threatens his very existence in Kill the Messenger. While investigating the curious case of a major drug dealer who’s seemingly impervious to prosecution, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb (Jeremy Renner) discovers a CIA connection that leads him ever deeper down a dark, disturbing rabbit hole. […]

Movies Your Sister's Sister Movie Shot

I love when you find a film entirely by surprise. I happened to be out taking a long walk around Philadelphia and needed a nice respite. That’s when we walked into one of the most popular art house theaters in town and decided to give this little known film a shot. The film is Your Sister’s […]

Movies Rachel Getting Married Movie Shot

The first movie of the week is Rachel Getting Married. The film stars Anne Hathaway as Kim, a troubled young woman returning home from some sort of incarceration just in time to experience the chaos of planning and preparation going on there for her sister Rachel’s wedding the following day. Rachel is played wonderfully by Rosemarie […]