CAST: Annette Bening

Movies Girl Most Likely Movie Shot

Kristen Wiig stars as a woman whose entire life comes crashing down, forcing her to move back home and confront the genesis of her problems in Girl Most Likely. Imogene (Wiig) used to be on the path to sure success as a playwright. Now, years later, she’s living in the aftermath of having never actually […]

Movies Ginger & Rosa Movie Shot

The teenage years are often the most turbulent while growing up because of both the raging hormones and the quest for one’s identity and place in the world. If you add to the mix world events of considerable significance or some worthy cause, those same teenage years become even more emotional and difficult. I was […]

Movies Ruby Sparks Movie Shot

Calvin Weir-Fields (played by Paul Dano) is potentially America’s next great literary wonder. He had the fortune (or misfortune depending on your perspective) of writing a beloved book with his first effort out of the gate at 19 years old. Now, several years later, he’s stuck with a seemingly endless case of writer’s block while […]