CAST: Jeff Bridges

Movies R.I.P.D. Movie Shot

Adaptations from comic books don’t always lead to superhero movies. The comic book industry has enough variety, especially with the independent publishers, to generate gems like The Walking Dead in addition to the latest Spider-Man and Batman titles. The filmmakers behind R.I.P.D. dug deep to unearth this unusual story. Dark Horse Comics released the series […]

Movies A Place at the Table Movie Shot

Emotions lie at the heart of every moviegoing experience. If a movie makes you feel nothing, then the filmmakers didn’t do their job right. Most narrative films make you laugh or exhilarate you with drama or action. Documentaries are a different breed entirely. More often than not, they bring out the anger that’s inside you […]

Movies A Place at the Table Movie Shot

Hunger, obesity and their potential causes are scrutinized in the new documentary from the makers of Food, Inc. called A Place at the Table. The film points out that, in the 1970s, the will was there to end hunger in the United States. Action by the government nearly eradicated the epidemic only to have it storm back […]

Movies True Grit Movie Shot

Let’s check out the Coen Brothers remake of the 1969 classic True Grit. Like many others I was shocked at this choice by the brothers as it seemed entirely disconnected from everything else they’ve ever done. However, I am a fan of the original and it’s my main connection with the super-stardom aura that was John Wayne. I’ve seen […]

Movies The Men Who Stare At Goats Movie Shot

I finally got around to seeing The Men Who Stare at Goats. The previews for this one had me thinking that it looked like a dark comedy that might be a bit too dark. Yet it still had something that kept me interested in it. One of the big concerns was the director, Grant Heslof, […]

Movies Iron Man Movie Shot

Yesterday the entire family went out together to see Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. As is the case with a lot of the Marvel and D.C. superhero movies, not being a comic book fan, I’m not all that familiar with most of the non-A-list characters. I’d never heard of Iron Man prior to the […]