GENRE: History

Movies Sunshine Superman Movie Shot

A nerdy, eccentric engineer finds love and wonder in the curious documentary Sunshine Superman. Carl Boenish knew a thing or two about overcoming daunting obstacles. As a child, Carl was stricken with polio, losing the use of his legs for nearly a year. Once back on his feet, nothing could keep him grounded. Boenish would […]

Movies American Sniper Movie Shot

A patriotic Navy SEAL becomes the country’s most lethal shot while struggling to cope with his own reality in American Sniper. Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) grew up as a God-fearing, America-loving Texas cowboy. His father taught him how to handle a rifle, how to handle bullies and, most importantly, how to handle himself. As soon […]

Movies Last Days In Vietnam Movie Shot

As America recovers from the shock of Watergate, the fragile peace in Far East Asia collapses and ushers in the Last Days in Vietnam. In 1963, President Lyndon Johnson took up the battle against Communism by escalating the fight against the North Vietnamese in Vietnam. American men were suddenly being whisked away from a world […]

Movies The Unknown Known Movie Shot

The controversial former Secretary of Defense sits down for a candid one-on-one interview in The Unknown Known. The administration of President George W. Bush will forever conjure up images of three main players: Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld has a history in politics dating back to the Dwight Eisenhower […]

Movies Son of God Movie Shot

A humble prophet builds a following and, with it, the ire of religious leaders in Son of God. This latest retelling of the Savior’s classic story is an extension of a 10-hour TV miniseries — The Bible — that aired on The History Channel last year. Director Christopher Spencer was at the helm for three segments […]

Movies Tim's Vermeer Movie Shot

I’ve been a big Penn & Teller fan since I first caught them on TV and went to see them during their frequent stops in Philadelphia with their tours. I think they’re resigned themselves to be lumped in with other magic acts at this point, but for many years, they resisted any kind of classification […]

Movies Tim's Vermeer Movie Shot

A rich inventor sets out to prove a curious theory about a Dutch artist’s most famous works in Tim’s Vermeer. Tim Jenison is definitely someone fascinated by process. As a technical expert with an eye for graphics, Tim conceived and created some of the most successful graphic tools in the computer industry. Along the way, […]

Movies The Monuments Men Movie Shot

World War II Allied forces commission a group of art historians to track down and recover priceless works of art stolen by Nazi Germany in The Monuments Men. War claims many casualties, but one we rarely consider is the potential loss to the world of art. For many, it must seem almost criminal to try […]

Movies The Invisible Woman Movie Shot

Charles Dickens romances a young, would-be actress who becomes his last great love in The Invisible Woman. In the second half of the 19th Century, Charles Dickens (Ralph Fiennes) was the toast of England (and the world) as its most successful living author. For all the good his fame brought, what it couldn’t elevate was […]

Movies 12 Years a Slave Movie Shot

Slavery has been addressed by so many movies and television shows over the years. Many of those stories have their origin in books, as in Roots, while others are entirely fictional and original, as in the recent Django Unchained. It’s rare for a seemingly new story to be unearthed and adapted into a movie. Such […]

Movies 12 Years a Slave Movie Shot

A free black man from New York is kidnapped and sold into slavery in 12 Years a Slave. Solomon Northup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), an avid violinist, is living with his wife and young children in 1841 when he’s offered a compelling musical opportunity in Washington, DC. Eager for any chance to better their position in life, […]

Movies Parkland Movie Shot

One of the worst three-day periods in the history of our country is recounted when a local hospital gets the unbelievable call to treat a mortally wounded president in Parkland. A part of our country died along with a fallen president in November of 1963. It left an indelible mark on our history and anyone […]